What’s the best country of origin for my coffee?

Figuring out your preferred country of origin is one of the best parts of coffee drinking. Variety is exciting! You can get some coffees that are really balanced and neutral. You can get others that are full of extraordinarily nuanced flavor. If you don’t know what you like best, why not taste a bunch of different ones? (Hint: To give yourself the best understanding of how coffees vary when they’re from different parts of the world, keep the roast, the grind, and the freshness the same so that you are only considering one variable. Then, try coffee from different parts of the world.)

If you’re getting bored of your current coffee, try changing the country of origin. A certain region may surprise you with its complexity. Or try a blend of multiple regions or even continents. Certain coffee suppliers mix together specific beans with amazing results, sort of like a winemaker mixing different grapes.

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