Should I choose whole bean or ground coffee?

For the pinnacle of your coffee drinking experience, order whole bean coffee, and grind it yourself right before brewing your coffee. It’s a good idea to invest in the best flat or cone burr grinder you can afford. Avoid blade grinders, as they don’t offer any grind consistency, leading to bad results. If you are passionate about coffee, your taste buds will thank you for the premium experience that they get from freshly ground coffee.

If you don’t yet have a coffee grinder, don’t lose heart. You can still have delicious coffee. Coffee that’s ground in your roaster’s high-quality grinder will invariably outperform coffee ground in a cheap blade grinder at home. Keep in mind that you cannot store ground coffee for very long, as the quality starts to degrade from the moment it is ground. This is because the ground coffee has a greater surface area where it’s exposed to air. So when you order ground coffee, it’s a good idea to get smaller, more frequent deliveries so that you can drink it very soon.

Whether you buy whole bean or ground coffee, make sure that the date since the coffee was roasted is as recent as possible. For best results, choose coffee that was roasted less than a month ago. Some people will even notice the difference once the beans are only a week old. Freshness really matters!

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